The latest survey from Video Recruitment News has revealed that 50% of recruiters believe that the biggest benefit of using video interviews is the fact that they reduce the time to hire.

In the fast paced world of recruitment, time is a precious commodity; especially in the current market. Indeed, skills shortages are wreaking havoc across the UK – and further afield – so with this in mind, the time it takes to find and secure a key employee can mean the difference between success and failure for a business.

When video interviewing solution provider Sonru asked a similar question to its client-base, it seems that the opinions given were the same – with 48% of respondents listing “effective and efficient screening” as a key benefit.

Meanwhile, a third of respondents to VRN poll felt that the enhancement to the candidate experience was the biggest benefit of using video interviewing.

Paul O’Mahony, Chief Marketing Officer at Sonru is not at all surprised by the opinions of VRN readers. He says, “The results from the survey really cement the video interview as a must-have tool in recruitment.


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