Over 70% of UK Recruitment owners admit to not understanding how to benefit from Social Media


  • We do! In fact we live and breathe it, managing over 50 accounts every day. The potential for utilising the medium for marketing purposes is not always obvious. We have tried and tested hundreds of social campaigns since 2005. Our team of account managers were born into a social era.
  • One problem with social media management is time – checking, sourcing content, posting content, engaging with followers, following potential followers, managing advertising spend…it all adds up and takes away hours from your business.

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Key Features

Brand awareness

Social media is all about people – their likes, dislikes and opinions. Utilising the platforms available humanises your brand and exposes it to people who may not have previously heard about you.

Time savings

We all recognise the need for a social media presence but dedicating the time required to do a good job is not easy. At Ecom Digital, we take care of the time consuming tasks so that you can spend your hours wisely.

Market engagement

Social media enables engaging with people and businesses a very simple task – and it’s expected! Favourites, likes, shares, retweets and direct messages – engaging with your target market has never been so easy. Social media addicts appreciate engagement, it’s why they are there.

Lead generation

If you consistently share content which is relevant to your audience, you will stimulate positive interaction between an individual and your brand and this should be treated as a potential business opportunity. We’ll feed the leads back to you in the form of data contact reports.

Enhanced reputation

A brand isn’t measured on followers it has on Twitter – or is it? When it comes to business, people rely very much on referrals and recommendations, so if your company has just a few hundred likes but your competitor has a few thousand, which will generate the most eyeballs? Which looks more credible?

Global reach

LinkedIn currently has 332 million users whilst Twitter sees 500 million tweets posted per day. Social media offers a unique potential reach – Ecom Digital will help you to maximise all your online shop windows.

How else can you reach a quarter of the world’s population… instantly?


  • Research shows that 73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job through social media. Can you afford to ignore it?
  • One quarter of the world is on social media – a staggering 1,730,000,000 people to potentially engage with and talk about your recruitment company! Are you taking advantage of this?
  • At Ecom Digital, we spend our time trawling social media sites so that you don’t have to – intelligently finding our clients’ new followers and distributing content to attract them and engage them.
  • We know you don’t have time to measure the success of a social media campaign – that’s why we take care of the whole process.

Tailor your strategy to fit your business needs!


  • Whether you’re a recruiter looking to engage with passive candidates and enhance your talent pool or an industry supplier looking to identify new prospects, your social media strategy can be tailored to suit your goals.
  • At Ecom Digital we firmly believe that in order to make your social media accounts work for your business, you must set KPI’s – we’ll work together with you on this, so that you can recognise progress and judge success rates. ROI sits at the heart of what we do.
  • Whereas some marketing companies will set a rigid social media strategy, we know that not every professional working in the recruitment industry will have a set amount of time to dedicate to the medium. That’s why we’ll do as much, or as little as you need.