The recruitment process has changed significantly over the last few years. Whereas once the priority lay in finding new clients and roles to fill, more recently the onus has fallen on the recruiter to find suitably skilled candidates for a seemingly never-ending list of vacancies. Demand for the very best applicants is extremely high and competition between recruitment businesses is fierce, which means that attracting and engaging with candidates is more crucial than ever before.

Engineering, IT and marketing are all sectors that are expected to expand significantly in 2015, yet the lack of suitably qualified candidates represents a huge problem for recruiters. Simply waiting for the right applicants to find you is a risky strategy that is unlikely to be effective. Recruitment is not simply a matter of advertising a job and waiting for candidates to apply. Neither is it a case of unceremoniously deleting the details of unsuitable candidates and leaving them to continue their job search elsewhere.

As Managing Director at Ecom Digital, I speak with recruitment business owners on a daily basis and before I ask them about how their consultants engage with candidates, I can predict their answer. The truth is, very few UK recruitment businesses are taking care of their talent pool. The worry is that whilst a candidate may not be suitable for role A, they may be the perfect fit for role F, which will become available next week. If in the meantime your consultant has given that candidate a bad experience of your business, you are at risk of losing them to your competitors. Worse still, if that candidate chooses to take to social media to tell his friends and family about the faith he lost in your agency, a domino effect has well and truly started!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the pressure that your consultants are under. They’re playing the numbers game, working long hours, prioritising their time and focusing on the end game; the placement. What’s lost in the process is collateral damage – but just how damaging is it for your business?

This question is the very reason we’ve decided to create a candidate attraction and engagement service at Ecom Digital We’ve recognised the shift in market conditions and the pressure that consultancies are under to deliver, but we believe that the candidates should not suffer in the process – and neither should your brand. We’ve created a three week journey for unsuccessful candidates – they are emailed with regular updates designed to help them in their job search and elevate your position as a recruitment agency with the needs of job seekers at its core.

At Ecom Digital, we know that you don’t want any of your talent pool to go elsewhere and so our tailored service has been designed to ensure that each and every new candidate in your database receives a good experience. Then, rather than bad press and a social media headache, you receive loyalty and referrals. It’s as simple as that – why not give me a call to talk it through? I’d be very happy to hear from you.


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