We utilise many years of experience to tailor digital marketing campaigns to the very specific needs of our recruitment clients.


  • Whether you’re interested in specifics such as online advertising, pay per click, search engine optimisation or if you’d just like to hear more about how we can help your recruitment business to gain more traction in the market, we’d love a conversation.
  • “Digital marketing” has become something of a buzz term in recent years and there are countless agencies offering digital services. These agencies will offer to promote your company using the internet. However, how many of those agencies will understand how the recruitment market works? It’s our USP!

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Key Features

Unlimited reach

A major advantage of digital marketing is the fact that essentially, there are no limits. The internet has made the world accessible to anyone with a laptop, smartphone or tablet and so brand exposure has never been easier. The more difficult task is ensuring it is seen in the right light.

Cost effective

The secret to a great digital marketing campaign is creativity and consistency – which we measure at every step in the process. Whereas some traditional marketing agencies will build in unforeseen costs, at Ecom Digital we pride ourselves on transparency with no hidden surprises.

Measurable results

Once you’ve invested your time and money into a traditional marketing campaign, the results can be very difficult to measure. With digital however, the process is far more transparent. We will even deliver comprehensive reports detailing the results!

Increased exposure

In a digital landscape, it’s easy for a company to become lost amongst its competitors. At Ecom Digital, we ensure that your digital marketing campaign enhances your presence in the market, improves your reputation and enriches your target market’s perception of you as a company.

Expert guidance

With a wealth of experience in helping recruitment companies to implement or improve their digital marketing strategy, we are well placed to provide expert advice and guidance on how you can use digital to your advantage. We’re always on hand to steer you through the process.

Genuine dedication

The digital marketing campaigns of our clients become a real labour of love. We put a great deal of effort into ensuring you get a return on your investment and if something needs improvement, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure fixes are made. We’ll always go the extra mile.

Enhance your reputation and become known as a leader in your space…


  • When you take the time to communicate relevant, informative content to your target audience, you simultaneously enhance your reputation as a leading business. We believe content should sit at the heart of your digital marketing strategy.
  • At Ecom Digital, we help you to become recognised as a thought-leaders within your industry. Recruitment is centered on trust and the more you build trust into your brand, the more you will reap the rewards – return business, loyal talent pools and those all-important referrals.

There’s always room for refinement and improvement…


  • The beauty of digital is its immediacy. Whereas traditional marketing such as newspaper adverts or outdoor displays can take weeks or even months to measure the results of a newspaper advert or outdoor display, digital is immediate.
  • At Ecom Digital, we believe in transparency and that’s why we always share the results of campaigns with our clients. We measure everything along the wayif targets are not met, we’ll refine the strategy to make sure that they are not only met but exceeded.
  • We have a high customer retention rate thanks to excellent customer service, transparency and honesty. Working with Ecom Digital is a real partnership – we’ll do our utmost to ensure your campaign is a success.