Having worked with an array of businesses in the recruitment industry, we realise that you may be keen to bring in a marketing intern or professional. However…


  • As a generalist, they may not have the required knowledge and experience of the recruitment industry.
  • They will need support, guidance and access to helpful information. Information we are very happy to share on a consultancy basis.
  • Our bespoke service enables us to work with your own marketing team. A service designed from experience and offering added value to your existing marketing function.

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Key Features

Unrivalled experience

Having worked in the recruitment industry for over a decade, when it comes to understanding the market and incorporating that knowledge into effective marketing campaigns, we are in a league of our own. Why not take advantage of our many years of experience?

Expert support

Day in, day out, we work to create and fulfil innovative marketing strategies for our clients. We have become experts in our field, staying ahead of the latest developments and incorporating new technologies. We can share our learning with your team.

Market knowledge

As specialists in the recruitment sector, we bring with us a wealth of market knowledge. We have a genuine interest in the industry and enjoy keeping up to date with new trends and technologies. Imparting this knowledge onto our clients’ new team members or interns gives us a real sense of job satisfaction.

Personal development

We understand how important personal development is for new starters. That’s one of the biggest reasons we offer a bespoke service to our clients – when you decide to employ a full time marketer, you need to ensure they’ll stay loyal. Offering them a personal development plan is a great motivator. We do this within our own business daily and have endless experience in turning young ambitious professionals into marketing machines. We share our knowledge with you.

Enhanced marketing

During the on boarding process, a great deal of time can be wasted. In a fast paced environment, we understand that you don’t have the hours to spend on training up new team members – that’s why we offer to take care of the process. Then you get to enjoy the return from an enhanced marketing campaign more quickly.

Improved morale

A sure fire way to improve morale amongst new and existing staff is to ensure they feel supported and valued. In bringing in an expert team to essentially act as their mentors, you make a real statement of intent to your recruits. Such actions are always appreciated and you will more than likely find that they go the extra mile in return.

We tailor our service to fit the needs of your business…

  • We understand how busy you are and how much you need your suppliers to be flexible. At Ecom Digital, our objective is to support you – not hinder you – and that’s why we’ll listen to your goals and tailor a service to fit around your schedule.
  • Whether you’d like us to support a new marketing intern, train up an existing member of staff or assist an entire department, we have the knowledge and skills to carry out a successful program.
  • Once the training ends, we’ll even promise to be on-hand for any further queries that come to light. We’re on first name terms with all of our clients and we’ll never refuse to offer advice – we’re genuinely here to help.

Your marketing efforts improve and you gain more business!

  • When you make the investment to improve your team, it has a direct impact on the quality of your marketing. Whereas ordinarily, you’d have to choose between carrying out the training yourself or outsourcing your marketing, we offer you a brilliant alternative.
  • Our flexible and friendly approach ensures that your team is never afraid to contact us. So if they’re ever unsure of a campaign or want to check up on a fact, we’re here to offer expert advice
  • Marketing and sales have always been intrinsically linked – the more your marketing improves, the more return you will see. At Ecom Digital, we believe our service will help to transform your recruitment business for the better. We have a track record to prove it.